CLTV34: EuroPython 2007 – Kit Blake about Silva Code Source (Lightning Talk)

Kit Blake of Infrae talks about one feature of Silva 2.0 called Silva Code Source which allows you to include e.g. multimedia files like a Quicktime video easily into your document without creating new content types.

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2 Responses to “CLTV34: EuroPython 2007 – Kit Blake about Silva Code Source (Lightning Talk)”

  1. reco Says:

    congratulations mr. topf. looks nice.

    seems like wordpress is a good plone alternative 😉

  2. Christian Scholz Says:

    Hah, not really for all what Plone does but for blogging.. Then again I am missing possibilities. I still would like to be able to define custom content types for posts like this which format itself the right way and of course I’d like to integrate different content here, too.

    So I am hoping for some Google Summer of Code projects and maybe work a little bit myself on blogging support (main problem was spam actually).

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