CLTV 37: First Look of mixxt (Screencast)

First Look is a series I just started with this video and consists of screencasts I do of new sites where I eventually get some invite. I want to test them without checking them out before so I can spot bugs or usability problems. This also migth give a chance to the developers to see a first time user (geek though) navigating their site. I am aware that much of this what I see is subject to change of course.

So this first episode is about, a new social networking platform similar to Ning. It allows you to create your own social network in 3 minutes (I did not take the time though).

So here is the video. It was done somewhat early in the morning so my english is not fully there yet 😉

I also want to thank Philipp Ellenbeck of mixxt who did a great job on providing instant support to my questions and problems. Many of my initial problems are solved by now.

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