CLTV45: The Evolution of the Graph Data Structure from Research to Production

In this recording from “NoSQL Live Boston” we learn how Graph Data Structures evolved from research into production.

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Moderated by Marko Rodriguez
Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez is the Graph Systems Architect at AT&T Interactive. Dr. Rodriguez focuses on multi-relational graph analysis, is the primary designer and developer of the Gremlin graph-based programming language, and is currently working on the graph infrastructure of

Peter Neubauer
Peter Neubauer is COO and co-founder of Neo Technology, makers of the graph database Neo4j. Peter has been deeply involved in programming for 10 years and is co-founder of a number of Open Source projects like,, and Lately, focus is mostly on the sales- and community side of things for Neo Technology. Before throwing away his life on startups, he has been working as Software Manager, Java Consultant, mobile expert and other undefinable job positions.

Borislav Iordanov
A Math & Computer Science graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Borislav Iordanov has been programming professionally for the past 14 years in a wide range of domains such as language design and compiler development, embedded systems, web development, bioinformatics, financial software and natural language processing. His company Kobrix Software, Inc., founded in 2001, developed and launched a web application framework (TICL) as its first product, and sold it to several Fortune 500 companies. Kobrix is also the recipient of the 2009 Best Fit Integrator E-Government Award. Borislav is currently focusing on software architecture consulting in eGovernment projects and working on innovative open-source products. In his spare time, Borislav runs an Olympic Fencing Academy for children and adults.

Sandro Hawke
Sandro Hawke is a Software Developer and Systems Architect at W3C and MIT’s Decentralized Information Group. He leads the W3C’s eGovernment activity and is staff contact for the RIF (rules), OWL (ontologies), and SPARQL (RDF Query) Working Groups. A member of the W3C Semantic Web technical staff since 2000, Sandro’s professional focus is on developing global-scale decentralized systems using ideas from both Web Architecture and Knowledge Representation. He occasionally blogs at

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