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CLTV44: Schema Design with Document-Oriented Databases

Monday, March 15th, 2010

This recording from “NoSQL Live Boston” is from the Schema Design and Modeling panel.

Unfortunately sound has it’s problems and it also has some gaps in it. I hope it’s useful nevertheless!

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(Download MP3)


Moderated by Durran Jordan
Durran is one of Hashrocket’s hardest-working consultants and primary author of the up-and-coming open source MongoDB mapping framework, Mongoid. He’s contributed to the MongoDB Ruby driver, MongoMapper, and provided MongoDB support to various other open source Ruby frameworks. An expert Java developer for close to 10 years, including several years tenure at world-renown ThoughtWorks, Durran made the leap over from the dark side upon joining Hashrocket in early 2008. He hasn’t looked back.

Eliot Horowitz
Eliot Horowitz is CTO of 10gen, the company that sponsors the open source MongoDB project. Eliot is one of the core MongoDB kernel commiters. Eliot is also the co-founder and chief scientist of ShopWiki. In January 2005, he began developing the crawling and data extraction algorithm that is the core of ShopWiki’s innovative technology. Eliot has quickly become one of Silicon Alley’s up and coming entrepreneurs, having been selected as one of BusinessWeek’s “Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under Age 25” in 2006. Prior to ShopWiki, Eliot was a software developer in the R&D group at DoubleClick. Eliot received a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.

Bryan Fink
Bryan Fink is an Engineering Manager at Basho Technologies. Basho is the developer of Riak, a dynamo-inspired, highly-available, elastically-scalable datastore. During his time at Basho, Bryan has touched nearly every corner of Riak, and was a lead developer on two applications built on top of Riak. Bryan has written several blog articles about how to develop apps on top of Riak, and he can regularly be found answering questions on the riak-users mailing list. Before working at Basho, Bryan worked for companies in the financial analysis and electronics testing industries. Bryan graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT in 2004.

Paul Davis
Paul J. Davis graduated in 2005 from the University of Iowa with a BSE in Electrical Engineering. Following graduation he spent two years as a Research Assistant in the Large Scale Digital Cell Analysis System (LSDCAS) lab of Prof. Michael Mackey. He currently works as a bioinformatician in the parasitology division at New England Biolabs. He was led to non-relational systems by the idea that biology has no schema. He’s been a committer to the Apache CouchDB project for the last year and was an enthusiastic early adopter the year before that. Beyond CouchDB, Paul also contributes to a number of other open source projects.